Rafael Khakimov And Tatarmultfilm Will Reveal Historical Animations About Tatars In Social Networks

Interactive history of Tatarstan

Recently introduced in the social network cartoon The origin of Tatars was a pilot of the large joint programme of the Institute of History and Tatarmultfilm on the work with young people.Together with Tatarmultfilm– it is an entire task, informed Rafael Khakimov, the director of the Institute of History called after Sh. Mardzhani to Realnoe Vremya. We are preparing( already have done)an animation for kids, which now enters into circulation- The arrow of time. The Ministry of Education has already approved it. All at once, we do are doing a book, an animation, sometimes comics. Now we are doing the books for junior grades (1-4 grades ). At the very same time, there will be text and videos. The program is big, I do not want to announce all work yet.According to Anna Belobrova, the Vice-head of the Association Tatarmultfilm, in addition to video tutorials and textbooks, it is thinkinged to create an electronic atlas. And the video has ended up being the basis for the work of the group.We needed to develop a pilot task, initially, to establish a mechanism of interaction between animators and historians and, secondly, to create a product that would be the basis for future works, stated Anna Belobrova.According to Anna Belobrova, in addition to video tutorials and books, it is prepared to develop an electronic atlas. Photo: diary-culture.

ru The historians have actually entered the social media networks However, possibly, the most fascinating thing is that a part of the job for the firstvery first time in Tatarstan Republic is ready specially for social networks.With the youth we are also preparing the following video -the history of Tatars in 15 minutes from the point of view of attaining success, says Rafael Khakimov. About how in the history of the forefathers of the Tatars they succeed, at what cost, how they constructed the state, what aspects identified this. It is focused mainly on youth, and the youth itself is initiator. We are requested help in terms of text, pictures and so on.According to Khakimov, the five-minute video ended up being too short: It may raise more concerns than responses. For someone who is currently basically ready, they put the material in general overview (without this general logic it is difficult to continue ). Now there will be some basic images, but significant, which determined the phases. We, perhaps, will divide: one part about the Middle Ages, the other -about the Russian Empire.We saw that our reports are needed simply for couple of In fact, the Institute of History went on an extreme change of format of deal with young people in the structure of enhancing the identity of the Tatars.From previous experience we have actually seen that our reports are necessary just for

few, continues Rafael Khakimov. Its efficiency is extremely difficult to verify. This year we have actually chosen to do a product that will reveal how strong the identity is becoming. In this regard, we have made the video, and more products will be. We wantwish to monitor in the end of the year how reliable it will be.Besides, there is a needa have to equate the fundamental work History of Tatars in 7 volumes in more hassle-freeeasier and basic formats. In the Institute of History they hope that this will help bring in young peopleyouths to study the past of their individuals: Our research has shown that young individuals definitely do not understandunknown the history of Tatarstan. It made us so prevented that we decided to turn sharply and to do everything for social media networks, the Internet. YouTube, Facebook, Vkontakte-we are developing this location now so that young people understood what we imply when we talk about the history of Tatars, Tatarstan, Eurasia.There was an opportunity to translate the fundamental work History of Tatars into more practicaleasier and basic formats. Photo: Timur Rakhmatullin Funding from old jobs The individual financing of a cartoon or a brand-new video for social media networks is not expected. According to Anna Belobrova, the cartoon has actually been done on a voluntary basis by cartoonists, and the editor himself was Rafael Khakimov: This was a joint job, our specialists have developed it in the framework of complimentary creativity.In basic, the job, according to Khakimov, is funded by the old

, currently existing programmes. Initially, by the program on conditioning of the identity of the Tatars. Secondly, there is financing on the part of Tatarmultfilm in the framework of preparation of textbooks. The group has already worked together during the deal with the pilot.We want to present a brand-new format: on the one hand-for school, on the other

hand, for social media networks, said Khakimov.Simultenously with a chronological series we reveal what was taking place on the map The pilot project appeared in social media networks in the end of recently. It is a small animation about the origin of Tatars. The video was demonstrated in the structure of the lecture Akyl fabrikasy, which was held in Kazan in the end of Might. Then it ended up being understood that the video is a joint job of the Institute of History called after Sh. Mardzhani and the Association Tatarmultfilm and Tatar Childrens Press.The job was to reveal it plainly, understandable for kids and grownups the history of the Tatars: how the Tatar state was formed, how the borders changed with time, how the nation was formed, how the modifications stemmed, informed Anna Belobrova to Realnoe Vremya on the creation of the pilot. The video lasts about 6 minutes, and for that time we had to show everything. For that reason we picked this innovation, together with a chronological series(there is a timeline )we reveal what was happening on the map of Eurasia.